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Auralex’s Personalized Room Analysis Services

Auralex Acoustics is the leading manufacturer in acoustic solutions for various rooms, ranging from home theaters to top recording studios. They make foam panels, diffusors, bass traps, and construction solutions: all with the goal to meet the needs of your specific situation. To best assist you with your specific situation, Auralex offers their one-of-a-kind FREE Personalized Room Analysis.

Instead of paying someone to come out and decide what works best for your room, you can fill out a simple form with some information about your room and include some photos. There’s space to include your personal preferences in foam style and a grid to draw out your room, allowing the most accurate analysis. Auralex makes it easy for anyone, professional or home listener, to pick a budget and develop a plan within their means. They ask what the purpose of the room is, music style, and some basic room info (flooring, isolation, etc.) that all comes together for a final analysis form. Once the professionals at Auralex receive your form, they can put in up to 2 hours of work analyzing your room and discussing it with you via phone, email, or fax.

Auralex works fast to provide this service, getting you a personalized analysis within 2-3 days of submission (including a phone call to discuss specifics if desired.) In the analysis, they recommended several products including LENRD Bass Traps, Studiofoam Wedges, and TFusors, Auralex’s custom diffusion panel. Each item listed had a description to the left of the image to tell me what they do and how to best place them for maximum results. They even included a recommendation for a thick curtain to handle reflections off my window, an added bonus attesting to the overall goal of my room. Finally, they work with you to provide a dealer in your area that carries Auralex products, or if you specified a dealer in the form, links to that dealer’s website.

This service is a perfect way to treat your rooms properly without spending hundreds of dollars or more on a consultation. Auralex is confident that their products will treat properly for the specs you provide them. Being such a large name in acoustic foam manufacturing, it’s great to see just how far they go to get you the best sounding room you can.

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