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Getting Your Music Heard: BFM Digital Partners Up With DIY Media

BFM Digital is continuously growing as an online name for music artists to promote their music in a digital format. The company has a strong worldwide presence on the internet including over 250 digital stores including iTunes, Amazon & Rhapsody, just to name a few. Recently, the company decided to partner with DIY Media in an effort to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. With this partnership, artist will now be able to promote their music with a new widget that allows listeners to share on social media networks, view photos and videos of the group, and most importantly stream/buy the album (all in one place!)

Above is just one example of the widgets, created for VHS or Beta, an alternative rock group signed by Krian Music Group, who works exclusively with BFM Digital to distribute their artists digitally. The widget runs using Adobe Flash Player, and features a sleek design allowing users a pleasurable viewing experience. The top right of the player allows you to post to Facebook or Twitter directly, or a way to link/embed it on any other social network or website. The widget can also link to the artist’s website, and even gives you a “Buy” option so that fans can easily get your music, and you can easily get paid for it. It even has the versatility to check out using Paypal or Amazon, so whichever works easiest for your fans, works for you.

This partnership is huge for both companies and the people they represent, and there’s talk of excitement from each. Steve Corn, CEO of BFM Digital has over 20 years of experience working in the industry and watching as it adapts to new forms of communication and promotion. Steve’s experiences span from work with Myspace and Universal Studios, to licensing music in dozens of films and television releases. His belief that “cutting edge, easy-to-use tools” will help maximize the companies productivity shows clearly in partnering with DIY Media.

David Robb, CEO of DIY Media, realizes that this partnership is just as big of an opportunity for his company. He says, “BFM is a premier catalog of artists and with this integration, we allow these artists to extend their reach and revenue opportunities with essentially no effort on their part.” With bands such as The Tierney’s Sutton Band debuting at 15 on the Billboard Jazz Chart, and bands like The Ettes and Oh No Not Stereo performing at nationally acclaimed festivals and tours, BFM Digital really does have a lot to offer. Make sure you check out their site below for some great music or more information on BFM Digital.

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